Who are we

The biobank

The Neuro-CEB Biobank is made of two entities:

  • The Neuro-CEB Association brings together the patients' associations and foundations that fund the project. The current president of the Neuro-CEB Association is Mr Michel Laffitte, Fondation ARSEP.

  • The Neuro-CEB Biological Resource Center (BRC) collects, stores, prepares and sends the samples to the scientists. The Neuro-CEB BRC is located in the Biological Ressource Platform of Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital. The director of Pitie-Salpetriere-Charles Foix Hospital is Mrs Marie-Anne Ruder.

A neuropathologists' network covering the French metropolitan territory is in charge of the post mortem removal of the brain, of its sampling and of the neuropathological diagnosis.

The Neuro-CEB biobank is certified AFNOR NFS 96-900 since 2010.



Michel Laffitte

President of the Neuro-CEB association

Member of Fondation ARSEP

Marie-Anne Ruder

Deputy Director General of the Hospital Group

Pitié-Salpétrière / Charles Foix


Pr Charles Duyckaerts

Medical-Scientific coordinator of the Neuro-CEB biobank



Marie-Claire Artaud-Botté

Coordinator and quality manager

Relations with patients and clinicians


 (+33 1)


Sabrina Leclère

Scientific and technical manager

Preparation of the samples and relation
with the neuropathologists' network


 (+33 1)

Medical coordination

Pr Danielle Seilhean


Dr Susanna Boluda


Dr Isabelle Plu

Forensic pathology