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How to ask for samples ?

For a sample request, please contact the engineer of the Neuro-CEB Biological Resource Center, Mme Sabrina Leclère, who will send you a request form, or download the form here. Simply fill in the request form and the MTA. Send one version by e-mail and the original document by regular mail. Your sample request will be examined by the Biobank scientific committee. The delay of response is two weeks as a mean.

When using samples, you must be aware that they are from human origin and that they should be treated with special care.

The provided samples have been collected post mortem by the Neuro-CEB network. The patients have given their consent during their lifetime in a generous way to help scientific research in neurodegenerative diseases. The Neuro-CEB Biobank wants to guarantee the proper use of the samples. When using the samples, you must accept the following principles:

  • to respect the law concerning the use of human samples in research
  • to use the samples exclusively for the project that has been submitted in your request form
  • to use samples for scientific projects that are not directly commercial
  • to let the Neuro-CEB coordinator know when the project has ended
  • to complete the questionaire sent by the Neuro-CEB brain bank concerning the progress of the project, the published papers and the assessment of the service quality
  • to mention the "Neuro-CEB network" in the authors of the paper when the collaboration has been significant, or in he acknowledgement when the collaboration has been limited.

List of available samples


The available samples involve the following disorders:

Disease (d) Number of cases
Vascular dementias 6
Frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) 78
Motorneuron disease with or without FTLD
Pick disease 4
Benson syndrom (PCA) 3
Alzheimer d. 180
Alzheimer and related d. 282
Cortico-basal degeneration 16
Lewy bodies dementia + Alzheimer d. 12
Lewy bodies dementia 17
Lewy bodies d. 117
Lewy bodies d. only 17
Multiple system atrophy
Steele-Richardson d. 40
Parkinson and related d. 242
Leucodystrophia 2
Cerebellar ataxias 14
Multiple Sclerosis 11
Control 28

Available sampless

Sampling protocols depend on the disease. Several methods of conditioning are available:

  • Large samples (frozen on dry ice) used for biochimical, proteomic or genetic studies
  • Small samples mounted on cork, frozen in liquid nitrogen cooled isopentane used for morphologic studies

The samples involve the following regions:

  • multiple cortical areas
  • subcortical nuclei
  • brainstem
  • cerebellum
  • in some cases, the spinal cord

New, prospective protocols may be implemented to meet the scientists' needs.

Please notice that the absence of PrPs (Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease) is checked in all the cases

Questions ?

Feel free to check our  Frequently Asked Questions or to contact the engineer in charge of the biobank: 

Sabrina Leclère

  • Phone : (+33 1). (office hours)
  • Email :
  • Address : Biobanque Neuro-CEB - Plateforme de Ressources Biologiques Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière - 47 bd de l'hôpital 75651 Paris cedex 13 - France